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Eyes Of Fern Holland
HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Eyes Of Fern Holland

Poem By Hubert Wilson

She of the Greta Garbo mystic eyes.
Just what did they disguise?
Few in recent history,
Had eyes of such soulful mystery?
Eyes singularly unique,
Just what did they bespeak?
True compassion,
When it was not in fashion?
Sensing such great joy and sorrow,
Thinking of a better tomorrow?
This lawyer was set apart,
Unlike many others with a calloused heart.
A meteor of her profession.
None more dedicated is beyond question!
A risky far away adventure,
For women's rights she did venture.
Did she sense losing her life,
In a distant land of endless strife?
Did THAT Texas braggart's blunder,
Cause her early death as he only sought to plunder?
Now resting back in Cherokee tribal land,
While the Coward of Crawford's war will be long fanned?

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sad tale Hubert, was not aware of this story until i did a web search after reading your poem, the good do seem to die young........