Eyes Of Fire And Heart Of Stone

I see pain in their eyes.
I hear sorrow in their cries.
Inside I break and cry alone,
with my eyes of fire and heart of stone.

No matter how much pain I feel
I am sure that I will always deal
the way I know..alone
with my eyes of fire and heart of stone.

Others may not know the fear.
They know just what they see or hear.
I come off cruel and cold.
Inside I'm not...I'm just not bold.

I have to thank my mother
for the love she's never shown
The one thing that she did give me...
her eyes of fire and heart of stone.

by Mary Nagy

Comments (10)

2nd and 3rd Stanza's made me cry. I'm going through this right now and it's so hard. My eyes do feel like they're on fire. Although I don't think my heart is no longer stone. It's crumbling.
Mary, this would make a great Johnny Cash song... a disheartening message but superbly written. Well done! Brian
very very nice kinda a mid-evil feel to it. good job Lylyanna
Mary your very talented. Enjoyed your poem. Thank you.
absolutly gorgeous. nice repitition, i really enjoyed reading it. very emotional -ps
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