Eyes Of God

I want the eyes that see all
all that is good,
all that is,
The eyes that see no evil

Not because there is no evil to be seen
but because these eyes see evil as a void
and not as a thing

I want the eyes of a wise man
so old he has come to understand the pattern
I want the eyes of a new born child
so naive he has nothing yet to unlearn

I want the eyes that see
not just what is hidden
but what is hidden in plain view
I want eyes that can see warmth in a shade of blue

I want the eyes of infinity
not infinite depth in some narrow corridor
labeled enlightenment by someone living in a tunnel
but infinite breadth
to witness enlightenment in places thought not possible

Eyes that can see a glowing candlelight
even if it is at the end of a cigarette
Eyes that can see the value of comfort
even if it came from a bottle of the Southern variety

I want eyes that can appreciate love
no matter who it is being shared between
I want eyes that not only can see an inner beauty
but that will still see it
after an outside appearance has been bought and paid for

I want eyes unfettered by uncertainty
deliverers of clarity
that see with such sincerity
to pierce through vague morality

I want the eyes
which cannot be illuded into paying any heed
to shrouds and clouds and grey areas
such things only attempt to cover the truth
and the truth is that light is the only need

I want the eyes that see perfection
sprinkled like grains of salt
around this imperfect world
they would be bright enough to light the whole universe
if I only had the eyes to discern them

I want the eyes that know not
of the gradient between right and wrong
such a concept is only possible
within the cast shadow of doubt
but I want the eyes that leave me doubtless

The eyes that as much assert as they do perceive
not based on faith in things unseen
but based on a fact that for these eyes
there is no difference between
perception and creation

I will never have these eyes
but I'll still try to imagine vision through them
and making due with what I have
I will try to make my vision closer to them

In blinding flashing moments
of vision through the eyes I cannot own
He lets me peak through his eyes
like a pair of binoculars with 1000x zoom
and every time I am overwhelmed by the detail

At least I know such a view exists,
having glimpsed through
His point of view.
His eyes cannot be owned,
they are already in reach of all
who are ready to see the world like He does.
I want to be ready for those eyes,
but I have yet to even master the eyes I already have.

by Jason Caporaletti

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