Eyes Of Green Marble

Stone cold angel
Guiding light me with the presence of your face
Me when I am too far to hold dear
Allow me to know that I am not alone
Even when doing things that you do not condone
Give it to me without hesitation or doubt
Remind me what being happy is all about.
Show my tears where to go
And know
That even in anger I do not forsake you.
Be with me when I cannot stand to be with myself
And remind me that Life as I knew it ended the day you walked into me.
Eyes of green marble you light my way tonight.
Even though that each day with death we fight
The stars will cry the saddest tears the day we give up
On us before we let it begin.
Oh rain on me and wash away the stress that mixed emotions within.
You’ll open your arms I’ll open my eyes
To realize that this won’t go away
As the sun shines a new day
Will not shine on the end of this tie that we share.
The things I wear will not make you “heart” me more.
And show me that.

by Tabitha Castillo

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