MN (17 May,1937 / Obetiti Nguru Nigeria)

Eyes On Dome

Eyes on Dome

Your eyes engulf me make me
see what I’m created to be
In your eyes I see heavenly places
swirling around me reveal masked faces

Eyes that drill me seeking
mined gems of my being
hold mirror to my conscience
virtues battling concupiscence

unencumbered fury in pregnant skies
rain grace-filled droplets from innocent eyes
coaxing rolling yards of vines
all this earth offers in Margaux wines

Wine in soul drum to your eyes
beats magic my heart now flies
to cathedral in sockets home
built on grace in eyes on dome.

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There is something about your poems that llove nature in it's many forms Mark... Andrew 10
A marvelous poem. Eyes say so much, in many ways...known more than love conveyed.
differents facets of eyes do my eyes see!
Wine can give strength to to eyes soul heart and mind - but not drunkedness