My Eternal Love

In sorrow in smile
In rain in shine
Close by and far there
In all moments for mine
You housed so deep
You let a sigh slip
You rose in mild measure
All these are a treasure
I can sing for life
What if you could be my wife?
My dear.... my lady fair

Await don't fly away
Much stays buried to say
In layers of years
What lay for you here?
My lady fair

Life once got ends
For we kiss the death
All but enters a fire
That was years ago set
Every birth my life supports
Every birth I see it grow
Every day I see it mature
Every birth I see it fall
I am born to love but one
I am cursed to amuse you
I am bound to assure you
That MY LOVE is ageless
That I see the love there
BUT fate defeats me when
I desire the most to share

by Soumita Sarkar Ray

Comments (11)

What a well-written expose of the value of professed friendship
that poor rabbit..the neat thing about is that while the hare was talking to the other barnyard animals its sent and footprints mingled with the others..the hounds would have had problems following it bunny! ! ! too bad the poet didn't write a concluding stanza..good poem..
.................a well thought out friendship real or only another dream....
first stanza worth of dying immensity a poem that teaces many thing lovely poem
This seems a cynical attitude towards friendship, but it must be remembered that the hare was facing a terrible foe. How many Germans helped their friends out when the Gestapo came for them?
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