I Shall Wake You Up

Every time I come to your door to wake you up
I go back disheartened (O my Princess, you lie
Unconscious in deep intoxicating slumber;
No sign of life; no flare of consciousness).

What a sleep you enjoy in touch of silver wand!
What enchanter lulled you to this slumber and when?
None can unbind this intricate snare of sleep;
So the prince continues his hapless journey onward.

O captive lady, you lie in demon's hands
Helpless like the earth (life is but death to you,
You can't sing the song of a carefree life),
The magic-spell hangs heavy on you
You lost your cheerful life on the slippery road to blunder
(The death of your soul hastens this poisonous cancer).

[Translated by Abdur Rashid Khan]

by Farrukh Ahmad

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ghaeerhyaghn; gtjkupoipz9irph
Nice poem i like this poem
Very nice poem i like this poem everybody read this poem.
very nice
Folks who are praising Emerson here probably haven't read great poems in English and other languages. I feel bad for such non-intellectual unfortunate individuals.
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