Fabrics Of Life

Life is full of many colors, shades and hues
Sometimes we find colors we don't like
and sometimes we come to discover
that all colors were really a part of God's plan for us

We only see the other side of the woven cloth
and thinks that it is not beautiful at all
because the design and mixtures of shades and hues
are not according to our likes or wants

Sometimes we encounter the color of pain
and shades of frustrations
Most of the time we promise not to sin
yet we fall and renounces God's will
in seconds

The bitterness of what we have done
Astounds our morals
but when we approach God with contrite hearts
we begin to see the colors of joy
in God's mercy and forgiveness

Then we understand
that the Lord sees both sides of the fabric
thus we know that the colors of joy and pain
are intertwined
to be able to create a masterpiece
from the fabric of our lives
and who should create such perfect

but the Master Himself
Christ our Lord Jesus

by Rita Umali

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