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"Fabulous Fab", Editor-In-Chief, ….Or Unscrupulous "Thief"? ?
(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

"Fabulous Fab", Editor-In-Chief, ….Or Unscrupulous "Thief"? ?

If you read this, you should know of whom I speak.
But do you REALLY "know" Fab?Is he so very "squeak-
y clean"? ?
Does he solicit unpublished poems JUST to make his ‘books',
OR does he also make money?He is another of the crooks? !

As a crook, does he offer poems to a wealthy, aspiring poet?
Then s/he claims s/he wrote them, and, ‘before you know it',
s/he publishes YOUR poems in her/his name! ? ?Insane?
Of course it's not insane.Let me make this very plain …

…..for YOU to ‘see'.It's how I got my poetic fame,
by buying from Fab, and not cheap they came!

(August …..5th...2019)

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Your sharp wits top it all Bri. As a contributor to Fab’s ebook I hope to read it in the book when I get the pdf. I hope and wish for Dr Fab to make some money and I hope he gives it to charity.
I borrow from Eugene William Levich's comment below- -'Brizio' I think it is the work of Brizio aka Fab aka Bri.
Great, humourous write with your sharp mind and wit you demolish a theif and his unscrupulous methods! Really enjoyed Bri!
Yeah, I don't envy you, Bri. A thief is also a thief in Italy. Alas, I can't help you. “Of course, it's not insane”, but the residues remain.
Very funny, Brizio! You haven't lost it!