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Facade Sun

The sun flickers parallel to the rolling hills
Floods through her bedroom window,
Illuminating everything,
Crystal clear,
So far and ever so near.
It lifts her hopes,
As it carries vaporized late morning dew drops
Sky high,
Replenishing the clouds of it’s tears
She lets it all go
All her fears.
Leaves the four walls that surround her soul
That she’s build all these years.
Somewhere deep within,
She know’s she should be scared.
But as the warmth touches her face,
The last thing she want’s to do is leave this place.
The birds sing a harmonized melodies of innocence.
And for once she doesn’t question it’s existence.
The beams grasp her hand
And take her far from herself.
Which is all she’s wanted all along.
The fluffy cumulus turns to stratus
She turns her hand to the past,
Where some blue still lasts.
Over the horizon.
Defiant not to look to the wrong,
Where the blue is long gone
The memory of the birds song lingers in her ears,
So loud, so real, she doesn’t realize it’s long gone
Dancing, twirling, swirling, when she should be running.
A clap of thunder threatens in the distance,
Once a dew drop, now a salty tear crashes to the ground,
She finally opens her eyes and the suns no where to be found.
Determined to go on, she does a dance of denial.
Continually, and it’s said in the light of a thunderbolt,
You can see her smile.
Forced, fake, façade
As the tears crash in her eyes and roll down her face
The sun ever so radiant in her eyes.

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aww very nice i love the metophoric use keep writing x