Many ships that sail the sea
Very often frighten me,

Raising doubts within miy mind:
Is this ship as it's designed
Cause for me to shun it well,
Keeping me from drowning's hell?
Much of what I've hinted at
Ends beneath my Tilley hat.
Rival thoughts soon fill my head,
Soothing me to sleep instead.

Just the thought of ocean spray
And a sun to end the day
Knots me up to find the means
Adequate to but nankeens.
Red or blue, it matters not,
That's because I am besot
At the sight of cachalot!

February 1,2006)

by Don Parker

Comments (2)

I see a face in the air I hear a voice perhaps too I sense a touch once again I read these lines again and again.
I love the symbolism! Great job!