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MS (26/7/1987 / heliopolis)


Any one is able make a mistake
The good one u can't always fake
Sometimes there must be something to break
Being so wrong will make you shake
Gets you back from roads that you wanted to take
And back you of things that you wanted to make
And thoughts like these are like the snake
That scrawl to your mind to make it so alien
And make you able to do the same mistake again
You are wrong… you can't even complaint
People can't always get what's in your brain
That will make you feel that you are so away
Feeling of having no shoulder to cry on will grow day by day
You'll feel alone and nothing will force you to stay
Go find your way
They think that you play
Although you are hurt
They don't think of the start
They think how to break your heart
And make you go apart
As long as it became an art
They'll sell you in the shopping cart
They'll think so badly of you
You won't know what to do
They all will reunite to seem foe
But, running away isn't such a clue
Face and struggle as long as you're true
Face till your ail
Face till your death
Your soul will spread in the air
They'll see you aloft there
Things that you're going to see will make you stare
Coz every thing there will be just and fair
Don't think to come back
It's the thing that you can't dare
Lies aren't that good to spare
Lies take you down
Go up and build your crown
Leave lies behind and throw your stupid clown
Don't let it make your life upside down
New life comes once in a blue moon
Snipe the chance as it's so soon
Go for your truth and listen to the pure tune
Go for that zone
You deserve to have it as your home

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