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Face Of Death
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Face Of Death

Poem By Randy McClave

A child was breathing its very last breath;
Then he saw the face of death,
Death said to the child, 'so very young",
Then he removed the last breath from his lung.
The child that death collected wasn't from a war,
The child had died because it was sick and very poor.

A man laid dying upon his bed;
He knew that soon that he would be dead,
Then death arrived, and the man saw deaths face
Death then laughed, and mocked him at his disgrace.
The man was a politician all he cared for was money and the greedy,
Never did he bother to help the poor and the needy.

A soldier laid dying upon the battlefield;
While praying and crying, knowing that he could not be healed,
The soldier saw the face of death and then he began to weep
Death said, 'shhhhhhh, I will let you sleep".
Upon the rich and the powerful I am the controversy,
To the children and the innocent, I will give them my mercy.

A judge laid dying in his chambers;
Upon his soul death placed his disclaimers,
'This soul is unworthy, he sought not peace, but only the rod! '
Now he would be taken by death, and then be judged by GOD.
Death is the great equalizer of the night,
He can bring the dying peace, or bring the wicked ones fright.

A man laid dying because of his constant cigarette smoke;
An alcoholic was dying as he drank and drank and began to choke,
Death came to them both and said life to them was unsuited
They were born clean and pure, then their bodes they polluted.
Once GOD gave you life and then told you to awake,
I now tell you its your time to die, as your soul I will happily take.

Someday we all will wait for deaths arrival,
Some will cry and hope, while others will pray for their survival,
But, when death finally arrives to take our immortal ghost
Will he laugh or mock us, or maybe he will just give us a toast.
In the end death does not care for the age or the pleads,
He cannot be bribed by fortune, or humbled by sacramental beads.

Randy L. McClave

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