Face The Truth Day

'Why are all those people blindfolded?
And hand-cuffed?
Then put in cages.
What have they done? '

It's a new process being introduced,
By community leaders making attempts...
To solve and end the array of problems,
Most have been complaining about...
They wish to see come to an end.
And very innovative is the process too.
After they are put into the cages...
They then are surrounded with mirrors.
It's the first Face The Truth Day.
Take these ear muffs.

'Why would I wont those?
I've just noticed.
Most of those folks are church members.'

And I promise you...
Once those blindfolds are removed,
And it is realized who has caused the problems...
The screams are going to be unbearable.

'Why are the police dressed in riot gear? '

They have been directed to arrest anyone,
Trying to resist reality.
To ensure no one escapes,
Back to their neighborhoods...
Destroying them at the tax payers' expense.

'This is crazy.'

Is it?
This is much more cost effective,
Than continuing supporting their pretense.
To then hear them lay blame to claim,
Their freedoms have been violated...
When the facts presented to them offends.
Take the ear muffs.
They are putting the mirrors into place.
Get ready.
The ones pious that are hypocrites,
Will be heard cursing worse...
Than sailors do aboard their ships.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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