Face To Face With Future On A Late Night Train.

Caught an image of my future
one dead sky night.
It was fading before me
folding itself back into
its whip mark wrinkles-
compliments of unforgiving time.
Its life flowed in full view
watery red flowing through clear blue.
A river coming to its end.
Ancient banks crumblings into littered rivers.

skull stretching through paper thin skin
reaching out to me
No fresh grass finding sun here.

Future's fragile told me its eyes
Circled cinema screens
From black and white to colour
From daughter to mother
from one life to another.
Dignity neither seen nor felt
yet yearned for.

Future mocks old poems
as the past persues them,
and the present pens them.
Future sees death and smiles
Forever hungry
Thirsty for the fountains of youth.
It pains me to look at her
for her face reveals the truth.

by Not Long Left

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