Face Without A Name

Poem By Angel of Darkness

I'm a poet with broken wings,
an artist with scarred hands,
I'm the beast bound by chains,
a shadow afraid of the dark.

Blindfolded I touch the Demon's hand,
waste time- the only thing I do right.
Misdirected maybe, but sacredly invoked
to endlessly reach for the blazing flames.

Emotions dance down the spine
replaying carelessly shattered records,
amongst all humans I'm a stranger
with waved basket filled with confessions.

Obsessive games allure senses with cotton- smiles,
shimmering curtains and glittering lampions.
Wise butterfly slumbers above my pillow,
measuring the dreams, counting footsteps.

Creatures of the colossal ancient worlds came
to kill maturity behind waterfalls in my eyes,
There's no point in hiding, fading away-
their little hands will drown the last senses.

Charisma prances collided with hypnotic swords,
gems of my past are starting to stifle;
I swore that I'll look back, but I'm so tired
of all those nights crowned with insomnia.

I'm a poet with broken wings,
an artist with scarred hands,
I'm the beast bound by chains,
a shadow afraid of the dark,
just a face without a name...

Comments about Face Without A Name

i really liked this poem, really badly. I liked how you said 'a stranger to all humans' that really hit it home for me, I can relate to that. I gave myself the name of this poem before i even read this, then i sort of searched the name to find myself and found this cool poem. I really like it, it feels like... me, really. Thankyou for sharing that with me Face without a name
'a shadow afraid of the dark' ~ I really like that line. Zen

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