Face Wrath From People

You are lucky to enjoy in Michigan
Live happily as human
Nature too is favorable
You are happy and facing no trouble

Think about and fear the gun
People elsewhere are on run
Their life is turning hell
We all are feeling wonderful at home

See the battle for supremacy
People have no fear of almighty
As if they are going to remain forever
Everything shall be under control and remain ever

Women are put on sale openly
They are raped and treated cruelly
We can certainly read news with excitement
There is voice of concern and we all resent

Let them acquire everything
But not cause bloodshed for anything
They too shall be finished in ensuing struggle
Or may face wrath from the people

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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I love this. You are taking up the violence and sufferings happening in our world and the people who never react to the situation because they are enjoying a good life, and later to discover that wrath of people who have been suffering can be harvested one day. I salute you as a poet for taking up this theme.
HEARTFELT Katherine Rawlings7 minutes ago Well expressed in clear language 1 hour ago
You are lucky to enjoy in Michigan Live happily as human