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Anonoymous is where you keep me, Hidden beside the left click of a button, Hiding beneath every hey, every posted smile is a deeper truth that remains to be found, Away from where the light shines its brightest, Still I love you just the same, I guess, who knows, an affair, true desire, Perhaps a one sided fantasy told from your face to the bright lights of the computer screen, Phone app or perhaps an I-pad, I feel more alive that way, I suppose, Who knows, in this crazy world of smart phones and social sites, I find myself awake with every word, every silly post that finds its way to my inbox, a voiceless inspriation that makes heart strings sing another note, A single reason I keep my account setting the same, Purpose that was once trival somehow escaped into an anonymous passion between you and I, Maybe i'm the only one that sees it that way, The same picture that never seems to change, The same hunger that lingers in your eye, never to blink in a still life reflection of lifes stream, Time never seems to cease as the messages increase, Asking about this, rambling about that, In an anonymous world that exists behind a screen

by Kewayne Wadley

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candid and transparent feelings expressed.