Facebook Cares About College Students

Poem By Joseph Marquette

We're learning how to live, since our classmate died that day.
We're recognizing how to live, with each tear we shed.
We're observing how to live, because through us their memories are read.
We're finding a way to live, by memorializing their space.
We're living a new way because Facebook cares, it makes the pain much easier for us to bear.

Comments about Facebook Cares About College Students

An insightful train of thought, well articulated and nicely encapsulated in good diction from the heart. Thanks for sharing Marquette.
Facebook can be a very good thing... or an addiction. I know a couple of people who spend all their waking hours on Facebook, posting the most ridiculous, mundane things that happen at all hours of the day. This appears to be the first poem that you have posted on this site. Welcome to Poem Hunter!

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