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KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)


Poem By Kaspa Richards

Feeling depressed from a life that’s a mess
My spice for life has vanished in one exhausted breath
No closeness with anyone has left me hopeless
Everyday im being tested,
Typical me I keep failing every single test

On my own im a person nobody knows
The lonely wolf knocks down my walls when he blows
The person I am around my friends and other people
Is someone they just seem to tolerate,
But he’s a stranger to me though
I wish the real me had the guts to stop hiding and grow

I wish I was the person I use to be
The child I was before I had troubles hanging over me
Before my brother died before my family made me cry
That child is inside me and he can see
His dreams being forgotten and his loss of identity

I wish I could find my confidence and love who I am
Be proud of what i've come through now that im a man
I use to be a boy with toys and joy
Forced to grow up quick into the abyss went my plans
Left me feeling faceless a blurred man in a cam

I have no clue who’s the man in my shoes
The person I wish to be is it false or is it true
Will I look in the mirror one day and see a reflection that’s clearer
I want that girl she’s my world but she hasn’t a clue
Not one person takes interest in what I say or do

I hate my anxiety it stops me being myself
I could sort everything out without it instead im on the shelf
Loneliness gave me strength and will; it’s also my Achilles heel
When will I get back to my strong mental health?
More importantly when will I find my sense self

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