Yesterday, i remember, i've learned to love her,
Everything seemed so perfect with her,
All of it changed just a sudden,
Her tears fell, eyes were swollen.

Heart's shattered with pain and loneliness,
Life's been broken into pieces,
Mind's afloat in the middle of nothingness,
Body's cold, longing for warm caress.

At the midst of my deepest despair,
I found her again, the same smile, the exact stare,
At that same moment, hurt began to be relieved,
Happiness cloaked with ice, begun to be revealed.

With gladness and joy i went to her,
Longing to touch her hand, kiss her, feel her hair soft as fur,
Slapped with the truth and bitterness of reality,
The woman that i've known is of a different beauty.

Ain't it funny, that the face i used to loved has become a friend,
The physique of a woman who broke my heart is now trying to mend,
Where shall i go? Where shall i be?
How will i move on? When shall i see?

Reality bites, often as they say,
If i am still lost, where is it really?
Some knew the answers, some still finding,
I am looking for hope, suddenly it's fading...

by Dan Albert Figuracion Cortez

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