Faces At Intersections

I see your face at the intersection
as I drive up next to you
you have a look of sheer frustration
what would you say if you knew
a stranger is wondering about you
are you angry or just disillusioned
is it madness or mere confusion
you mask your secrets well
I'd wager the world couldn't tell
in a crowd of people moving side by side
we can still stand alone and manage to hide
At an intersection just the other day
I saw an old woman with eyes too sad I looked away
for fear she'd know I'd seen her pain
most of us prefer some privacy while we slowly go insane
At another intersection just a few lights ago
a middle aged man in a rental car
wore a handsome suit and a heavy look
was it the weight of choices that registered in his eyes
perhaps he recalls the endless business trips
few moments shared with loved ones; so many sad goodbyes
haunted now by questions, is it worth it or in vain
so much is sacrificed, so little gained
I suspect most of us are secretly trapped in pain and dying
drowning in pools of tears but there's no crying
we shield the hurt; we must be strong
we think we're alone but we're so wrong
for each of our lives is mapped by a chart
all the glory and the sorrow routed through our hearts
and it's a noble truth we must realize
in this life at one time or another everybody cries
the light changes; you drive away and never knew
for just a brief moment I wondered about you

by Loraine L. Bishop

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