Without The Chase

August 31,2009

Pink to blue, to yellow,
to monstrous purple clouds looming on the horizon;
My horizon, layed out before me.
I step out, look up and it flies away.
You fly away. I jump for you
and I am leaping, bounding,
stretchng beyond my limits into pink and blue,
and pink and blue.
But you're gone.
I settle again, shrug, and look
to the monstrous purple clouds.
I could fly away without the chase,
theres just no desire for me to have it any other way.
I blink, and look up again to purple,
lavender, yellow, clouds of the deepest grey.
Dusk settles.
All of a sudden, I can hear everything.
Crickets, every far off chirp in trees.
I smile as I step back in.
Back into sheltered silence.

by Monica O'Connor

Comments (18)

Perhaps I need to go further in my analysis of Lawson's works to state an opinion. I rather read more about the author and then will be say my view about Lawson...
A beautiful piece...
What a masterful wordsmith, this Bard from the Bush, and what compassion and anger. It is interesting that he sees the only solution to the arrogance of the rich treading down the economic slaves is for a socialist revolution.
An excellent poem narrated just like a story. Many different faces plagues our lives daily. The author is very much observant of all that goes on around him. Yet he must disassociate himself from all this chaos and live his life. Very good read.
Here the poet describes the plight of human woes in its correctness and observational aptitude though he is unaware of their details. A social relevant poem commitment to the haven'ts and it makes the feeling that is actually intended in the poem. Hardships of people is really makes sadness and sorrowful.
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