(17 June 1867 – 2 September 1922 / Grenfell, New South Wales)

I’ll Always Love You Too

I know you miss me big sister
I know you miss me a lot
I know my other big sister and brother do
I know mommy and daddy miss me too

I know you’re sad I was taken too soon
I know you wish I could have stayed
I know you would have wanted me to grow
I know you would have wanted me to be happy

God wanted to same things too big sister
I had to come early
It only hurt for a little while
I’m glad I was with my family for a little while though

I heard voice in the darkness
I felt your hand when I kicked
I heard all the laughter
I loved it when all of you laughed

When I came up here though
I wanted to go back
I hated to see all of you cry
I wanted to live I wanted to grow

I was afraid you would forget me
I didn’t even get a chance to take my first breath
But as I looked down on you
I wanted you to let go

It took a long time
But all of you healed
It took a long time
But you have let go
All of you have

I love my new little sister
I love to see you loving her like you would have done me
I love to hear you laughing again
I’m glad you’re not crying

Big sister I know you’ll never forget me
I know you’ll always love
I’ll always love you
And I’ll always be watching over all of you

The little time that I had on earth
The little time I was there
Just as I know it will with you
Will last forever in my heart and memory

Love you forever
Sarah Jane

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Perhaps I need to go further in my analysis of Lawson's works to state an opinion. I rather read more about the author and then will be say my view about Lawson...
A beautiful piece...
What a masterful wordsmith, this Bard from the Bush, and what compassion and anger. It is interesting that he sees the only solution to the arrogance of the rich treading down the economic slaves is for a socialist revolution.
An excellent poem narrated just like a story. Many different faces plagues our lives daily. The author is very much observant of all that goes on around him. Yet he must disassociate himself from all this chaos and live his life. Very good read.
Here the poet describes the plight of human woes in its correctness and observational aptitude though he is unaware of their details. A social relevant poem commitment to the haven'ts and it makes the feeling that is actually intended in the poem. Hardships of people is really makes sadness and sorrowful.
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