Facing Reality

I don’t understand it now
I am so sad I could cry
Inside I have the biggest clue why
Missing you even more then I ever have
The smiles quickly fade away
Even when you are near me
You still just get further away
It’s almost like you’re fading more each day
I know now that I will never have an opportunity
Many will but just not me
Thought when you came back it would be okay
Everything just hurt ten times worse
Still holding you close
Not ever letting go
Stabbed with heartbreak and tears
Loving you secretly no can’t bring it out into the open anymore
You may never know what’s deep inside
Everyone thinks they know they haven’t had a clue
Knowing where we’re both going to be
You are still to far away
I don’t think there is anything I can do
Wondering what you would do if you knew
I have this feeling you’d push me away even more
There wouldn’t be a single thing I could do
Time passes by so quickly now
Sooner or later I’m afraid you’ll be gone
Now, all I can do is try to hold to my feelings
Not let them go
Sitting back quietly watching you slip through my fingers
Don’t know if you’ll ever notice me
All I can do is sit back and wonder
Can’t wish that does no good
Not given up or lost hope just facing reality
All I have are dreams of you
You are with me in my dreams
In them you never push me away
But that’s just a fantasy
Show me how to live with out you
Not sure I can do that I have to try
One day soon you’ll be gone
Back to ___: _____
Going in two different directions
You’re there, but I’m here
Closer to me now then you were when you left
Know you’ll do great in years to come
But, still dying inside forever
I found someone that makes me happy
Just unable to be with you

by Carly Stanley

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