Every day every morning I welcome this word first
On print media electronic media this is the thrust |1|

This is the word parallel to God as omnipresent
Can anyone point out in which field it is absent? |2|

Everyone is concerned about its pros and cons
But no one is spared from its tentacles of arms |3|

It has the unique ability to form a mixed taste
It sweetens to the benefited and bitter to the rest |4|

Its presence is notified in the womb through medicine
It departs you on your last journey through the coffin |5|

Thousands of laws and regulations formed to wiped it out
Everybody knows but no one dares to find its where about |6|

It enjoys a royal tribute in the globe on every form of governance
Whether its monarchy or democracy it glorifies its significance |7|

Everyone points out to the other as a partner of its essence
But in every scope no one wants to withdraw its presence |8|

It emerged as the basic ingredient in every part of the system
From latrine to the parliament it sounds like a musical drum |9|

It already entered in our blood through our veins and arteries
We all addicted to its poisons no one listens to the cries |10|

by Tripati Narayan Mishra

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Nice commentary, better as narrative-it seems more narrative than poem[ prosaic poetry]