MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Fact (1)

The lost have many questions still
The blind see no way out
For Satan comes to cheat and kill
And fill the world with doubt

Is it a fact we’ll never die?
Are we to dwell God’s Land?
Is Jesus’ bride a bear faced lie?
Another house on sand

How do we know the bible’s true?
Why should to Christ we kneel?
How can He tell us what to do?
How do we know He’s real

Can from our eyes God take the veil?
Can God the facts make known?
Or are the lost to end in jail?
Endless to live alone

When finally death lays down its crown
When trumpets sound the call
The bride will rise in spotless gown
And Satan’s knee will fall

Can we be sure of what we speak?
Convinced these facts will reign?
Certain we’ll rise from life’s last sleep?
Knowing we’ll live again

The truth of God is plain in sight
The facts are clear to view
The bibles here in black and white
What else has God to do?

By faith alone the bride will live
When love her deeds pursue
When Christ her heart and soul she’s give
And truth has made her new P.T.O.

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