NG (November 5th 1972. / Some hospital I think...can't remember...was very young at the time.)

Fact's Of Life.

I'm a drunk first
and a lover second.

If I'm honest
I'm not even sure poet makes my top ten.

I'd love to be more prolific,
write like a deranged madman
slaving away hour after hour
over this rabid keyboard
with only one goal in life.

To find the perfect scentence.

But it's just not me.

I have other things I'd
much rather be doing.

'But you'll never have any success
with that kind of attitude' I'm constantly warned.

maybe not.

at least
I'll be
and very

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Or your lover for a short time, but a friend for life...?
some times words just fit, they form a thought within you and everything begins to make sense......... your poems are as raw as sandpaper. each word is relevant. I have tried in the past when looking for a style to suit me, wrote poems of a similar style, never have I sucseeded as you have. You have found a glove that fits, make use of it. To be honest I am not a lover of reading poetry (even my own) I much prefer writing it...... there are a few poets that I really enjoy, those i do I absorb thier work, you Neil are one of them, for me you have stepped into Bukowski shoes, compliment or not, depending on how you recieve it! ! ! ! ! Keep posting, keep faith, our words are what often keep us from falling. best wishes vincent
You know whats important in life-enjoying it, instead of striving for some sort of acclaim. Great poem.
OK Neil.. Great.. Im a drunk first..! Well said, I feel all four words. Good one