LS (16 October 1979 / Johannesburg)


Most people think of achievements
in only monetary terms,
but achievements have nothing to do with money.
They are the goals in life
that our hearts desire.
Someone in a wheelchair enters a marathon
and when they cross the finishing line,
they have achieved something for themselves,
proving they can do anything
if they really want to try.
When we put pen to paper
and finish whatever we are about to write.
We have achieved something
no one can ever take away.
Each day we set ourselves
little goals to achieve
and when we have done them,
we move on to another one.

18 November 2008

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such wit and wisdom here. outstanding. Jake
Wow I love it! Short, and blindingly true. Moyax
very good small poems are really keep in mind
Hi lea, Really enjoyed this poem that describes appreciating the moment, and the honest doubt knowing if it was would not be doubting.
This is great! I like the sad, but unapologetically honest, note it ends with. -chuck