(November 10, 1879 – December 5, 1931 / Springfield, Illinois)

Leave The

Make one point clear
Sans fear
You got to bear
Some pain with tears

It is part
From the start
That the life can be unkind
No everything you should mind

Whether you believe
Or not believe
Certain things take place
That may be out of reach in some cases

So pray
And give away
Your apprehension
About worldly situation

Nothing may take as per your desire
Whether you curse or admire
It beyond your imagination
The almighty is very much sure of His creation

It may take place as destined
You won't know even if defined
So better believe in what you see
Leave the tension and feel free

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Windows! ! Broken. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
This is a strange poem about how revolutionary violence is always directed at the factory and not at the church. Historically this is nonsense of course. The reference to Shakespeare doesn't illuminate much either, the bold cursive of the song announcing its own ending is an interesting find. Who sings the factory window song?
A different kind of poem, few can really understand. I belong to that kind.
Insightful depiction. Beautiful poem.
Insightful depiction. aBeautiful poem.
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