Fact is just two either yes or no
Nothing is practically called average,
Either it should be right or all bad
Thinking of average is just consoling mind.

There are just two facts to share:
Life and death
Play it happy and get it secure or
Play it foul and get the death.

There are two facts of people,
Good and bad
Who are of great manner falls on the good?
And those who cheat are the bad ones.

Facts are very true very hard to digest,
So, people deviate the fact with consoling with fair,
But they fail here the thing they think have consoled one’s mind,
Will in future torture their own mind.

That’s why telling fact matters,
So, that one can be good to better and best,
One can improve his badness,
One can embrace life and death,
And try be punctual not be an average.

by Sambidhan Acharya

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