Facts And Facets Of Fiction


Fictional vista
Lulls us with fleeting solace,
And euphoria's blue waves.

But on the day's death,
We're consumed by fire of facts,
And by its million facets.

Copyright: 02062014

Comments about Facts And Facets Of Fiction

Hi Nayanika, There is an old maxim, : : Life is just a fiction, Death is the ultimate reality: : May be, that is why great Malayalam poet: Akkitham Achyuthan Namboodiri: : wrote: VeLicham du: khamaaNuNNee Tamassallo sukhapradham (In English, light is a cause of sorrow; in darkness, let us find comfort) . Your lines, But on the day's death, We're consumed by fire of facts, And by its million facets reminded me of the famous lines by Akkitham. Death is the only certainty, the eternal fact. And on the demise of Day, darkness sets in.. total oblivion..

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