Overture To Life Ghosts Xx Xxx Xx Improvisation 09 26 2014 Xx Original 03 03 2011

Improvisation 09 26 2014
Original 03 03 2011


Overture: the garden full
Has eaten a ‘conscience'
Stream into thought in green
Rain condescends to color
Peaks to form rainbows
People come to see them and
Ask foolishly - when
Will temperament springs creep
Rooting eternally unseen and
Unheard -the two interceding
The kingdom will not fall
From colors known to sound as
Unfamiliar inner spirit needs...
A primate never looks up
But within -primates need
The intercept life: A bed on
Which to lay to meditate
The length of spring
Word forms in true satisfaction
Leaving none inside the rainbows
And nothing in the conscience
Word re-represents more truth
True song begins and ends
Inside gardens full of old and
New testaments - life longwise
Smothered colors discovered
Begin to lose the green to
Turn true to brown -colors of
The rainbow are falling down
Winter made her bed and slept
Gardens died to look ‘unkept'
Life goes on as colored streaks
Ghosts: does a sugar mill leave
A sweet in the ground
Deaths: sweat dries to salt
It is all bled from the soul
To slaves dug up from ore of
Ancient gardens -a fermenting
Spirit grows wild in the care
Of check points and zoo keepers
These are not the better angels
The better angels are ghosts
Seen like rainbows and
Colors we understand.

Lee Mack copyright 2009. ISBN # 0615318347. Do not reproduce without permission.
Lee B. Mack Submitted: March 04,2011; Edited: March 04,2011.

by Lee Mack

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