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Facts From The Heart

A relationship is something to follow
Not somewhere you can wallow
In your self-pity and sorrow
Something at times can be scary
But not like an evil fairy
You must be daring and bold
Warm the other when they're cold
Take their hand and hope for the best
Not leave when the problems unrest
Protect them, be devoted to them
Be tight, and, yet, close to them
Keep your promises to them
Cuz, if not, you might reach a 'fall-in' with them
But most of all love and adore them
Talk to them, trust me you won't bore them
Don't buy them expensive gifts
To make up for the time you miss
All they want is affection
Attention, protection
And most of all no
For in this you will find
All the guides
To make the dreams come true
For your sweet someone and you

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