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Facts Of Life
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Facts Of Life

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

It's to be understood.
Not discussed.
To do so will bring upon shame.
A certain digust,
Will lead to finger pointing and blame.

That's why when it is mentioned...
There is a rush to hush it!
There may be claims made,
To defame those proclaiming their righteousness.
And the status of those
Who have established themselves...
As household 'names'.

It is best to leave this gossiped.
Best to play the rumor game.
It is best to whisper this in ears.
To let it simmer first to ignite the heat!
Then pass unnoticed through the streets...
While observing those who did not know,
Engage in a flaming rage...
As their tempers flare and increase!

Leaving are those who chose to maintain their silence...
To live their lives with peace of mind.
And doing that in discreet.
Being uninvolved!
Finding to be concerned a waste of time.
As they have learned.

To keep their peace.
To live among those who react...
Without exploring the facts of life!
As known.
And not assumed to suspect.
Or allow it to be condoned!

This conditioning process observed...
Is left alone.

As they watch those select,
From offerings presented.
And rejecting the rest to go neglected.
Lessons one needs.
But choosing to refuse any test...
To broaden a limited consciousness.
And behind they are left and kept,
To protest in a collective ignorance digested.

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