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Facts Remain Unchanged
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Facts Remain Unchanged

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

I did what?

Use YOU,
To accomplish MY deeds?

Let's see.
I know you suffer from selective memory.
And 'if' that is what you are saying to others...
I hope you are 'also' stating to them,
'You' approached and 'solicited' me.
With deeds I had already accomplished.
And those deeds accomplished,
Inspired 'you' to acquire 'your' notoriety.
And the scope of that,
Has been based upon your exaggerations.

And I bet,
How we met...
Is not a part of your conversation,
You have with others at all.
And I am not a gambler with a taste for faking.

Your embellishments may bring to you attention,
But the facts remain unchanged.
No matter how you attempt to re-arrange them.
And I 'hope' you are not attempting to 'use' me...
To score your ego points!

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