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Facts You Should Believe

A gray haired scraggly looking fellow is all you can see
But I am not what you think I am when looking at me
You cannot look into the thoughts of my mind
Like you I too have a soul and I too can be kind.

A young person in life you have some way to go
And little of others you hardly would know
You seem to dismiss me as a crabbedy old man
But I too can be judgemental believe me I can.

I'm too old for playing mind games those days with me long gone
I feel happy enough just to be living on
Just one more mere mortal who was born to die
None do live forever the facts never lie.

The stuff that I write I cannot hope to sell
I'm just one more ageing poetaster who pens doggerel
I am not what you think I am for looks can deceive
And that too is a fact and facts you should believe.

by Francis Duggan

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