Ignorance Can Be Bliss

To create more room for buildings in the busy progressive town
They buy land expensive for to buy for their workers to cut the trees and bushes down
Trees and bushes that shelter Nature's creatures by chainsaw men cut to the ground
Where there are few who respect Nature those with the greed for money do abound
Councillors and politicians favor business over land
By giving land clearing and building permits to money greedy developers, Nature they do not understand
When sedentary birds and animals are dispossessed most of them are doomed to die
Their neighbor kind will not accept them within their borders survival of the fittest it is not a lie
Wealthy land developers do not respect Nature and of her ways little know
They will tell you it is okay to fell trees money cannot be made where trees do grow
They do not care if because of them birds and animals lose out ignorance can be bliss
That they are making creatures due to loss of habitat endangered of extinction is a point their sort do miss
The chainsaws of destruction can be heard buzzing in the big busy progressive town
No money to be made on trees and bushes so to make way for buildings they are cut down.

by Francis Duggan

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