(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


Convertible faculty on a universal emblem,
It can be done and expresses as needed;
But the movement of the amoeba is all that i know.

Of the captivity of your muse and,
Of the ignorance of the history around us;
Today we've taken weapons to kill ourselves and,
We've lost this rich land called earth.

This rich land and this rich love,
This rich sea and this rich valley,
And a river came out of Eden to water the garden;
But of a faculty to acquire degrees that had led us to war!

Chisel out two stone tablets and,
Come up to me on the mountain of love;
And like the first time of your love,
You are the bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh.

I have seven daughters and,
Of the bucket among the reeds!
But a ravenous wolf devours the foe and,
I am here to stay the night with you.

The delights of the hills and the delights of my love,
And like the sweeping floor of the river beside you;
But a ravenous wolf divided the plunder and,
I am here to stay the night with you.

Forty days of embalmment and seventy days of mourning,
Wash my garments in wine and my rose in the blood of grapes!
Because i am tethering my donkey to the vine of love and,
I will lay down with my faculty in peace.

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delights, thank you for sharing the poem with us