My heart aches so bad it's forgotten what innocence feels like
A heart so broken love no longer resides
A heart so full of weary it's hard to not feel feeble
I wanna cry for my pain, but I can't coz am numb from loneliness

I wish I was still in your heart warm and safe and loved,
The way a young heart should be.
You broke me so bad I lost some of the pieces
I used to think I would mend and be whole
But when you left you took a piece of my heart.....

I try mending but there is always a hole there, right in my heart
I wonder how I can fill it in so that I can
Feel whole again

I grow older and my heart grows more feeble
A heart so bad am incapable of love
Everyday I wish I could just disappear to escape my feelings
But everywhere I go they are arched into the hole you left in my heart

Goodness there must be someone or something out there that can fix this
I have tried and I have failed lamentably
How am I suppose to fix a heart that is missing a piece?

I cry so much because deep down I miss you so much
Everyday I wish deep down that I could hold you just for one minute
That I could smile in your eyes and you would light up

I must admit I had my shortfalls and I failed you too
But I never imagined I would miss you this much when you are gone
It's like you are still with me yet I can't be close to you

It hurts me so bad, my heart aches so bad
It feels like I am half a woman
I feel so lonely and you are the only one that can stop me from fading away.

by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

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