Fade From My Memory[song]

Fade from my memory
Let me be free
Why do i keep holding[holding] on
This has gone on way too long

Screaming, crying
Sick of dying
Broken hearts, confused fate
Lies, Love, Pain & hate
Lots of clouds, never rain
Never peace, always pain

Reachin up to touch rock bottom
All your lies, saw right through them
Never wanted to admit you'd do this to me
I chose to be blind instead of to see

The haste to move on slows me down
In the air of freedom i start to drown
I'm so used to being under the flood of your control
I learned to breathe under suffocating turmoil
So i fled back into captivity
Dug myself deep so I'd never be free


by Gabriella Franco

Comments (2)

I wish could write such heart - rendering pieces. You are very talented.
tragical story, sung with heart-renting imploration