Faded Friends

Poem By Kasi Navadomskis

“Friends forever, ” you promised
“Together till the end.”
We did everything with each other
You were my best friend
When I was sad, you were by my side
When I was scared, you felt my fear
You were my best support-
If I needed you, you were there
You were the greatest person
You made everything seem better
As long as we had each other
Everything would be okay
But somewhere along the line
We slowly came apart
I was here, you were there
It tore a hole in my heart
Things were changing
Our cheerful music reversed its tune
It was like having salt without pepper
A sun without its moon
Suddenly we were miles apart
Two different people with nothing the same
It was as if we hadn’t been friends
Although we knew deep in our hearts
Neither of us was to blame
You made many new friends
And luckily so had i
But that didn’t change the hurt-
The loss of our friendship made me cry
As we grown older thing mush change
But they don’t always have to end
Even though it is different now
You’ll always be my friend

Comments about Faded Friends

wow great poem i love it one of mi favorite
'Our cheerful music reversed its tune'...memorable line. Overall, a very good piece...I like how you started it with a quote and how it flowed. Good work...top marks! -Michael
Wow this is a very good piece Kasi, Deep and filled with emotion in every sentence, I even felt a little tear.
You've made me cry today! ! ! Really a deep and sensitive poem! ! 10/10 Keep it up! !
Nothing like a good old friend

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