(08-30-60 / Metro Manila, Philippines)

Faded Glory

When the rays of the sun no longer
shine lustre over the wrinkled skin...
When summers have passed beyond
my fingers on both hands...
When the sweetness of my voice
could no longer sing an orchestra song...
When the color of my hair matches
the color of the full moon...
When these dark black eyes miss the fire,
carried bags and crow's feet underneath?
When my body takes a different shape
and the pounds are easily seen...
When the excitement felt from my
touch seems to lose its magic...
When the smile that captivates
grown slimmer than how it filled my face?

Will you see me in a different way?
Will your love for me change?
Or will you whisper each morning I
am still the love of your life?
Will you look upon me with the eyes
that adore and cherish me then?
Reminding me how we nurtured love
each day and every minute we've had?
Will your voice of reassurance when
I am blue, be a measure of your love?
Cradling me in your loving arms when
you see a tear escape my eye...
All of these questions and many others
wander through my mind as I say...
Hold me close my darling and let me be...

The woman of all time...

The woman in love...

Beyond glory that fades.

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Dear Cynthia, This was an absolutely delightful read. To grow older is to realise the universe is copernican, not ptomemaic, and that self and the loved one do not form the epicentre of the solar system. Gregory XXX