Fadeing Love...

Fading love is all around
Vanishing with out as much as a sound
We all know it is happened but no one dares to utter a word
I have tried but no one even heard
Lost love is falling down and laying at my feet
I cant help but hurt from this over coming defeat
Fading love is in front of my eyes
Guys hurting girls and girls hurting guys
You and I are all the same
All playing this life as a game
When will we see that there is more then getting on top
When you get there then what. You stop
Being there means you will have to fight bone to bone
But when you get there you will be all alone
Fading love has gotten to me
Not the thing that I am proud to be
Hurting others and getting hurt
I don’t want to be left alone in the dirt
Hurting more with ever thing said
My eyes were tearing with ever passing word
He told her that he don’t love back
Will he ever see that love that he now is in lack
Making the love fade from her heart
He wasn’t there when she fall apart
My friends and I have been bumped and bruised
What are you people amused
This is hurting us more then we ever thought
We lost more love then we ever got
Fading love from my heart and from yours
All I see is a hallway full of doors
Not knowing what is behind them we take the chance
you’ll never see the fading love if you never take a glance
Shut your eyes and let you heart be you guide
We will be here in case you start to slide
Grab my hand you need something to hold on to
Look at this now going on when no one knows what to do
Fading love goes faster the it may seem
But no one will notice we are all to busy chasing a dream…

by Michelle Guza

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