Fading Away

Im feeling so dizzy,
I dont know whats going on,
Is anyone around me?
Or am i by myself?
I falling to the ground,
And i cant get up,
I hear something,
Is someone comeing to save me?
Or is it me hearing things?
I feel so alone,
I know no ones comeing to save me now,
I am crying out all my tears,
and now ill be able to avoide all my fears,
My light is fadeing away,
I am slowly dieng but with no pain,
All the sudden it starts to rain,
I know i am dieing,
And no one knows,
Im all by myself,
With no one to hold,
I am now wet from the rain that is comeing down,
And finily my light fades away,
With no one knowing that i am dead,
All they with know is that my arms are all that bleed.

by ashly lewellyn

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