Fading Sentiment

In dark, solitary remembrance a friendship fades
As time dissolves the few remaining strands.
How hindsight bias, and emotional reminisce, jades
The memory that such a connection brands.

Painful still is the loss of union
Between cheerful beauty, with radiant spirit,
And sympathetic heart in search of one.
Time numbs the soul of such merit:

To know that once she was held so close
As indefinite feelings flowed between,
Much like rolling waves of heartfelt prose
That ebb and flow on an ocean of lack rhythmic lean.

As the time procures dust upon memory’s cabinet,
Distance builds, and sentiments slip like sand
Through fingers yearning for feeling once met
By soft, delicate touch of loving hand.

But as rust and decay can only obscure
The finest detail, leaving the whole intact.
Just so, does time leave the pure
Semblance of past desire and viable future enact.

by Robert L. Bixler III

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I like this better than the other two, but you seem a bit preocupied with being what I'd call poetic. Poetry should make us feel and I got a bit cought up in your actual words more than I should. The third stanza is verry good but I'd condense the last line, even though I did like it. I think you are talented and the more you write the more it will show in your work. Thank you for posting each poem that I have read, and I promise to read more.