Fading Tears

Like the colour of old ragged cloth
My tears fade
Eroded pain like washed away earth
Depart my soul
Flowing with patient ease
Graven heart full of bitter love
Now opens up like the first blush of spring
Ready to welcome the new secret of fresh love
Rolled up in new expectation
My soul smiles and lights up my face
Hopeful gazing and wondering of what the future holds
Tears now faded leave a cool feeling to my cheeks
My lips curve in a full smile finally after so long
All is well after all and the peace calmly rolls in

by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

Comments (2)

Elizabeth, this is a wonderful poem! You have succeeded with an excellent flow to the poem. You have a beginning, middle and end - not that this is necessary in poetry -but that you have managed to do this in a few lines of poetry, is excellent! Well done!
This poem is about a happy ending.thanx for th hope.nice write.