EC (12-25-1987 / Massachusetts.)

Faerie Wings

I wish that I could fly,
Hopefully I don’t fall and die.
Faerie wings are pretty to see,
Purple, yellow, pink and green,
Are some of the colors you can see in faerie wings.
I wish I could fly away,
To a better place where I can stay.
A place where the faeries are,
Where they play and sing all day.
Such a happy place,
Where there will always be a smile on my face.
I wish I was a faerie so I wouldn’t have a care.
My skin so soft and fair.
Purple, yellow, pink, and green
Would be the color of my faerie wings.
Beautiful clothes of petals and spider webs,
Living in the trees under the starlit sky and moon at night.
Such is the life of a faerie.
Stealing things from people’s rooms,
Giggling as they search in gloom.
Some people think I’m crazy because I believe in faeries.
But that’s ok because you won’t see if you don’t believe.

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