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I'm falling, slowly failing
Them all again
Though pen and paper has denied me
I have found a new source of release
Quickly snatched away
By the hands of the upper man

I'm falling, quickly failing
Its undeniable and I've become unreliable
Its true, underestimated
The power of a broken heart
Imposing, horrifying, besetting
Yet, to me, so
Compelling, irresistable
Yet, to me, falling in love's so
Alluring, enchanting
Its absolutly
Ravishing, potent
When to me he's

I'm falling, surely failing
Destroying those lives and breaking those hearts
To those I've agonized
With selfishness, with callousness
To those hearts I've broke
Those lives destroyed
Apologies can't ever be enough
Adoration isn't appropriate
But its all a wormly little thing like me
Can give

I'm falling, never failing
I'm rising up from the underground
These sunken, groggy pits can't hold me forever
My heart must rest, my mind must go
Set free, unbound by emotion
And pulled with logic

I'm falling, forever failing
When things are so hecetic
Chaotic, endure it
Smile now, and smile wide
Fake the sadness to hide what's truly ugly
With gray headbands and bangles
Forever vieled
By the shadows

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