DJ (10th August 1991 / Slagelse)

Failed Love

We did not agree..
At that, we should see..
Fit with each other, we knew..
But our love withdrew.

Every night I cried..
Laying on my bed, I knew I tried..
Giving up I did..
For this, I was not fit.

I missed him more then anything..
Even suicide was tempting..
I looked out the window, at the broken moon..
Without you, there's no fortune.

I hid my face in my pillow..
Breaking to pieces, was my window..
My house falling apart..
Without you, I'm nothing, sweetheart.

My world falling apart..
Please, push restart..
I am nothing without you..
What am I to do.

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go closer to be heard to share beauty of borg look in her eyes with passion showing that you have noble intention you can't turn the windmill without a wind believe it or not you are it, my friend thanks for sharing your soon to be passionate