KH ( / jackson ms)

Failing Expectations

driven to exceed
my every expectation
only to fall short
tripped up by my own hurts
my own heart
i am afraid you will push me down
paths i have seen too often
the bridges burnt
so the only choice
is to wade through the mud
you keep trying to lead the way
keep me from strayin
by yelling at the top of your lungs
your convictions
to my deaf ears
my tainted eyes
the poison that makes me sweet to taste
makes me quick to hate
the reflection staring back at me
the things that i cant be
that i cant ever see
but i can fell the dirt
clinging to my feet
the evidence laid bare
for all to see
you say that you dont care
that i am beauty to the core
you say
that you love me
and expect me to believe
when i never learned
to love me

by kimberly hays

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